The world in real time ...

Balaad allows you to consult and publish offers, events, videos, 360 ° tours, in real time on the map.

Did we tell you it was in real time ... because it's in real time ...

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Your offers go unnoticed, drowned in the flow of social networks?

Do you want to reach your customers in real time ?

Balaad is for you!


Watch the video

A video is worth a thousand words

Promote in real time, Boost your attendance, Manage your establishments, Save time

A powerful tool for the pros!

Promote in real time several establishments at the same time with a single account, send notifications to users, tourists, potential customers and bein + more.

Start with 150 posts

For the launch, you have 150 bubbles!

Global visibility

Balaad already covers more than 260 cities in 50 countries and we regularly add additional cities.

Your Multimedia Space

Pre-save your videos, photos, catalogs and virtual tours for faster publication.


Boost your offers

Flash sales, Happy hour, card of the day, promotions, sales, events ... in one click.

Contests on the map

Treasure hunts and escape games will be regularly organized on the Balaad map.

Calibrate the duration of your offers

Keep control over your offers in real time: create, set duration and delete in one second.

Other video ...

Example for the real estate category

Use case for real estate agencies

Centralize the promotion of your properties and provide virtual tours, videos, and photos in real time, Send notifications and more ...

Feature you'll love!

Control in real time & display Your reamining products, rooms, tables, tickets and more.


A new social network!

Interact with users via the embedded threads of discussions for each event and the Balaad Weez network which allows or user to create events in your events !


Balaad is available now !

To Walk around the world, nothing better than an mobile app, to relearn how to be surprised by life.


Try Balaad now and start with 150 free publications !

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We regularly enrich this section.

How long does a bubble last (Balaad post)?

A bubble lasts 24 hours. You can adjust the bubble display duration as needed. As soon as you delete it, the offer disappears from the card

What is the difference between the pro account and the private account?

The pro account allows you to publish events and offers on the map.

The private account allows you to interact with the publications, receive notifications of events and play hunts to the Balaad treasure.

Why can't I find my city?

Our service currently covers over 260 cities in 50 countries. We regularly add cities but you can ask us and we will add your city quickly.

How many bubbles can I post at a time?

A bubble is linked to a unique location on the map but you can post as many bubbles as you have managed establishments.

Balaad is available now!

Balaad allows you to geolocate in real time the events, offers and services around you. It also allows you to visit the places in VR and to organize treasure hunts.

It also allows professionals and places welcoming the public to promote their activity in a lively and instant manner. Users will be able to receive real-time notifications of all events posted on the Balaad world map.

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