According to article 6 of Law n° 2004-575 from june 21, 2004 on the confidence in digital economy, It is articulated in this article that users are informed of the identity of the stakeholders involved in the realisation and follow-up.

BALAAD Website is owned and operated by:

CREATIVE DN8, headquartered in : 128 RUE LA BOETIE 75008 PARIS, and registered in the SAINT DENIS Trade and Companies Registry as number: RCS PARIS 852 226 018.

e-mail :
The Director of publication is :

Emmanuel ROSEMONT.

BALAAD Web site is hosted by:

Google Cloud Platform, headquartered in: 8 rue de Londres 75009 Paris.


The purpose of BALAAD Web site is:

Linking people and services, offers and activities, in a geolocated space and in real time, as well as the connection between professionals on a global scale, with the aim of boosting and promoting business and cultural activity zones.


For questions or queries regarding the web site, or to report illegal content or activities, users can contact the editor can be contacted at the following email adress: or by postal delivery effected by way of registered letter and acknowledgement of receipt at : CREATIVE DN8 - 128 RUE LA BOETIE 75008 PARIS.


Access and use of the site and application is subject to the prior acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

The editor reserves the righ to modify the Website and its services as well as the present terms and conditions, at any time and without notice, including in order to respond to the necessity to adapt to the evolutions of the Website by adding new functionalities or by removing or modifying existing functionalities.

Users are therefore advised to regularly refer to the latest version of the Terms and Conditions which are available on the Website at all times. In case of disagreement with these terms and conditions, users shall immediately cease any use of BALAAD Website and its services, including the applications.


The editor implements technical solutions at his disposal to allow acces to the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The editor may nevertheless, at any time and without prior notice­, suspend, limit or interrupt access to the site or to certain pages of the site in order to implement updates, modifications of the Website content or for any action deemed necessary to ensure the proper funcionning of the WebSite.

Connecting to BALAAD Website and browsing BALAAD Website or BALAAD application constitute a general and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, regardless of the technical means or device used to access the site.

These terms and conditions apply, as needed, to any declination, version or extension of the site on any existing or future social or community network.


To ensure proper management of the Website, the editor may at any time and without prior notice :

- suspend, limit or interrupt access to all or part of the site, reserve the access to the site or to certain parts of the siteto a specified category of internaut;

- Delete and remove any information likely to disturb the normal functioning of the Website or which breach and contravene existing national or international laws, or which conflict with the Netiquette rules ;

- suspend the website for maintenance or updates.



The access to certain services, including access to paid services, is subject to the condition of user registering.

Registration and access to the Website services are reserved exclusively to natural persons legally competent to conclude a contractual agreement, who have filled and validated the required registration forms available on BALAAD Website, and accepted these terms and conditions.

Upon registration the customer has to provide full, sincere and correct information as requested by the registration form. Furthermore, the user has to verify regularly that the data in relation to him are always accurate and truthful.

The user have to provide imperatively a valid email adress, to which the Website will send a confirmation of the registration to its services. An email adress can only be used once for the registration to the services.

All communications from BALAAD and its partners are then deemed to have been received ans read by the user. The latter therefore agrees to regularly consult the messages sent to his email address and to respond, if required, in due time.

Only one registration per natural person is allowed on the Website in order to use its services.

Users are assigned a confidential user-ID and password that allow him to access their user account which is reserved for them.

Users can modify their usernames and passwords online from their personal space.The password is personnal and confidential, therefore the user commits to never communicate his password to any third party.

BALAAD reserves the possibility to refuse a registration request to use the Website services, at all events, se réserve en tout état de cause la possibilité de refuser une demande d'inscription aux services in case of offence against these Terms and Conditions.


The properly registered users can request unsubscription, at any time, from the dedicated page in their personnal space. Any unsubscription from the site will be effective immediately once the user has confirmed by clicking the validation button.


The editor is only responsible for the content he edited himself.

The editor is not responsible for:

- technical defects, interruptions or structural faults in its website or in case of any issue concerning the compatibility of the Website with equipment or software of any kind;

- for any damage, direct or indirect, material or Immaterial, predictable or unpredictable resulting from the use or difficulty to use the Website or it services.

- the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, including those regarding the lack of reliability and the deficient security issues of the information circulating on the network.

- Illegal content or unlawful activities using the Website, without due knowledge of the meaning of the French Law n° 2004-575 of the 21 st of june 2004 relating to the confidence in the digital economy, and of the French Law n°2004-801 of the 6th of august 2004 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

Furthermore, BALAAD cannot guarantee th accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information on the site.

The user is responsible for:

- the security and protection of his equipment and data;

- The use he or she makes of the site and its services;

- the non-compliance with the letter or spirit of these Terms and Conditions.


The site may can contain hypertext links pointing to other Websites or internet sources over which BALAAD has not control. Despite prior verifications performed on a regular basis by the editor, the latter declines all responsibilities on account of the content potentially found on the Website.

The editor authorizes the implementation of hypertext links to pages or document published on his site provided that the implementation of those links are not used for commercial or advertising purposes.

Furthermore, prior information has to communicated to the site editor is necessarye before any implementation of hyperlinks.

The authorization excludes: websites that carry information with illicit, violent, polemical, pornographic, xenophobic nature or likely to harm feelings of most people.

Ultimately, BALAAD reserves the right to ask for any hyperlink which he considers not to be in conformity with his editorial policy, to be erased.


Furthermore, the website complies with the obligations pursuant to the Act dated 6 January 1978 relating to Information, Technology and Civil Liberties. Under the provisions of the aforementioned law, users are informed of their right of opposition (articles 32 and 38), access (articles 38 and 39) and modification (article 40) of their own personnal data.

To use one of the aforementioned rights, the user must contact the editor by email at the following adress:, or via registered mail adressed to the editor’s headquarters, and by stating First name(s), Last Name, postal adress and email adress.


The site may potentially uses “cookies” technologies in order process statistics and information on traffic, so as to facilitate the browsing and improve the service for the user’s comfort who, in turn, can decline to accpet cookies by configuring his browser.


The structure and content of the site, including, but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, photographs, sounds, videos and computer applications are copyrighted materials owned or controlled by the editor and are protected as such by current laws regarding intellectual property.

Any reproduction, broadcast, adaptation, translation and/or modification, partial or complete, or distribution of the Website content, trademark and prop osed services, by any possible means and through any possible medium, is prohibited without prior explicit written authorization from the editor and would constitute a counterfeit as defined in articles L. 335-2 of the French Property Code (Code de la propriété intellectuelle), with the exception of elements designated as free of right on the website.

Access to the site does not constitute an recognition of a right, in general, and does not confer any intellectual property rights in respect of the content of the site, which remains the exclusive property of the editor.

The user is also prohibited from introducing any data to the Website which would modify it or would be susceptible to modifying the contents or appearance of the site.


There Terms and Conditions governed by French law. In case of any dispute and where failing amicable settlement, the litigation shall be filed exclusively in the French courts in accordance with the existing rules of jurisdiction.



The registration and publication of content in the space called "THE VILLAGE" are free for non-professional users, called "Creators" or "Event Maker".

A publication from the “Event Maker” Account or user is only done if a publication has been generated by a professional. The "Event Maker" can then publish content about this publication in the "THE VILLAGE" space.


The professional user, registered with a "PRO ACCOUNT" is free to delete all publications and messages concerning a publication of which he is the issuer and published in the space "THE VILLAGE" or on the Website map.

Abusive, misappropriated or disruptive use of the site by a user may lead to a permanent deletion and without notice of his account.



The creation of a "PRO ACCOUNT" and access to this same account are strictly reserved for natural or legal persons acting within the framework of a legal entity, registered administratively as an establishment with a fixed and identifiable postal address. Failure to comply with this condition may result in deletion without notice and without refunding the account.

Each account creation and subscription to Pro BALAAD offers is valid for one venue only.

The person who registers a venue on the website BALAAD is deemed and must have mandate to proceed with the registration, subscribe to an offer and publish any content in the name or for the company concerned by the publication or registration.

In order to reduce the risk of identity theft and keep a trace of authentication, when creating a "PRO ACCOUNT", the payment of a first publication will be required at the end of registration.


The integration of the details of the offer will be personalized in the reserved area called "CURRENT PLAN". The purchase of a BALAAD offer or plan is non-refundable.

In the case of a technical problem which has caused the non-execution of a publication debited of the total of the bubbles in the space " CURRENT PLAN ", after treatment of the claim, a publication will be then re-credited to CURRENT PLAN .

Publications not used at the expiry date of the subscribed offer will not be re-credited and will not be refunded.

As part of the month and year packages, a publication is released for each day of the period subscribed. However, the number and timing of publications are free.

For example, for the purchase of a BIG BUBBLE year package, the user benefits from 365 publications (non-leap years) and has 365 days to exhaust his 365 publications. So he can, at a minimum, publish one per day.


The use of One-off publications is possible, even if a package is in progress.

An alert and / or video can not be published alone. They are necessarily attached to a "Bubble". The latter remains the central and generating element.

Thus, in the case of an offer including the possibility of push alerts and / or publication of video links, a "Bulle" published alone will also reduce by one unit the total remaining alerts and videos.

In the case of a technical problem that has caused the non-execution of a free publication, it may be refunded after processing the claim.


Are prohibited on the BALAAD website:

Insults, outrageous vulgarity, denigration, racist or discriminatory and / or offensive acts or remarks, defamatory remarks, promotion of physical or verbal violence, any incentives, offers or promotions of procuring or prostitution activity, all incitement to endangering others, any pornographic content, any degrading content and / or which harms the reputation of others, any image of graphic violence, any promotion of violent demonstration in the private or public area, any attempt to fraud and false advertising.

The list, stated above, is not exhaustive and the prohibition field includes:

- Any promotion of illegal activities and any incitement to break the law.

- Any promotion of service that contravenes or helps contravenes the law and disturbs public order.

- Any use of the BALAAD service for illegal purposes.

BALAAD, CREATIVE DN8 and its editors declines any responsibility in case of events caused by non-compliance with the conditions set out in these Terms of Use and / or by acts, remarks or activities that contravene the law and the safety rules recommended by the texts. governing these activities.

Any account or content that does not comply with these Terms of Use may be removed without notice by the publisher of the website BALAAD, without refund.

The publisher of the website BALAAD reserves the right to modify, have modified and moderate any content that does not comply with these Terms of Use.

BALAAD Website wishes you an excellent navigation !

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